25.06.2014 – 28.08.2016


New Taïpei City Art Center, Taïwan

For this project, Active Creative Design developed a form of aesthetic rule based on an initial proposal from Ms Tong Yang Tze. Her work embodies the meeting between painting and calligraphy, tradition and modernity. She made available to ACD a set of works of the same size, the size of the traditionnal papers she uses for painting, which can be seen as a collection of fragments from the same puzzle.


Starting from this base, ACD developed an approach that met two directions. First, the will to stay in pictorial art, in a contemplation inscribed in a physical relationship. At the same time, the studio developed the idea of a dynamic exhibition that plays with the possible combination between all this different fragments and inscribe them in the space of the exhibition.


The idea of the seven rotary devices has therefore come naturally. They allow to play between full and empty, white and black, and between the three dimensions of space. They bring a rich variety of combination that evolves softly, with respect for the artistic work. The size of each device is simply given by the initial size of each painting.


ACD approach is never formalistic, it always fits to its subject. The devices used in “16 384”, if they are in a way similar to creations of kinetic art, serve primarily an original mode of composition. ACD was interested by the ability to decline a set of combinations establishing new relationships between all the fragments.


The exhibition was the opportunity for a strong dialogue with contemporary art and painting, questioning how to present a pictorial work to the public of today.

Artists :
Tong Yang-Tze
(Kuei Yu Ho & Patrice Mugnier)

Electronic :
Raphaël Isdant

Medium :
paintings, wood, motors, electronic card, sensors

Production :
New Taïpei City Art Center