03.11.2010 – 05.11.2010

Installation performance

Festival VIsionsonic 2010

Imprimerie 168, Paris 19ème

Designed during a residence at »Imprimerie 168″, a former printing plant in the north of Paris, ABC | ACD follows an order from the festival Visionsonic. This original creation consists of an audio-visual performance / installation which stages dynamical and typographical content derived from a medical dictionary.   Because of its cold content, almost clinical in the way it’s writing, but also because it conveys in the collective unconscious an extremely strong emotional charge, the medical dictionary is a paradoxical and identifiable texture which links together mechanically extracts of applied science. The definitions he offers of human emotions are eloquents, questioning the reader of the knowledge he really has of himself.   ABC | ACD proposes to stage this personnal relation to the body, to illness or concerns that such knowledge raises, without degrading his subject by a classical storytelling. Using an alphabetical organisation, the project plays on the limits of visual perception by comparing representational system and informational content.   If it first appears as a minimalist installation, almost autistic in the way it displays only the first three letters of the alphabet, it becomes gradually a performance emerging from the silence. It leads then the viewer into an hypnotic series of canvas, using text as a raw and living material, playing with the limits of human perception and generating sense more by confrontations and ruptures than by a scenaristic continuity. The graphical rendering, minimalist and monochrome, fixes a rule extremely simple and expressive for which the compositions remain devoted. The scenography, based on the use of a transparent fabric, dematerializes the projection surface, leaving typographic elements floating in space as a vibrant texture.   With this project, ActiveCreativeDesign highlights the specificities of a real-time process. Working with a computer database as the prime material (the content of medical dictionary), artists have developed a graphical software which transforms it into compositions revealing its underlying nature. It emerges of this creation an universal meaning, a disturbing reflection of our proper body, of its possible damages, and of its ephemeral existence.

artists :

Sound design & software:
Raphaël Isdant

Graphic software:
Newbrain media design

fabric (tulle), 2 HD projectors, speakers

400cm X 600cm

Production :
Festival VisionSonic, V-Atak, Newbrain media design

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