No-men’s land
Public Art

25.09.2011 – 25.09.2012

Interactive artwork

Taoyuan International Airport

Taïpei Taïwan


Airports can be considered as « non-lieux » in the sense defined by the French sociologist Marc Augé. They present themselves as areas without traditional identity or relational component. Even if they appear to be a fertile background for the concept of mobility, the « non-lieux » do not integrate the notion of history: no one lives there, and no stratification of time can be observed. On the contrary, they are constantly upgraded in order to remain an eternal present.


With the project « no-men’s land », ActiveCreativeDesign offers travelers a reflection both ironical and worrying about the spaces of modernity. The catalyst is the installation of an artificial life form within an animated sculpture. The project consists of three minimal puppets, the no-men’s,  installed in a showcase and interacting with their environment. They try to establish a dialogue with the travelers, even if in this particular situation, it can only be a very limited relation.


First, there is the showcase. High, wide, shallow, composed of a black metal which gives an obvious physical presence. It slices through the space of the airport as a large window, a 3 dimensional frame contrasting with the bright commercials spaces taking place inside the hall. The three puppets seem to float in space, suspended by thin metallic wires . They are all identical, undifferentiated, consisting of a face included in the ovality of a sphere. Their skin is black, made of a leather material which absorbs light reflection of the environment. Only the eyes are brights: made of white ceramic, they seems alive because of the way they reflect the travelers.


When they are alone, away from the presence of the public, the creatures live independently. Often quiet and silent, they sometime move slowly from one position to another. Then, when a traveler is approching, the no-men’s look at him as a potential disruptive. They whispered among themselves onomatopoeia, until finally, the disturber goes away from their field of vision


No-men’s land raises the question of the possible existence of an artificial life as an ironic response to the disembodiment our living spaces.

Artists :

Medium :
metal, glass, leather, wood, multimedia

370 X 275 X 100 cm

Engineering :

Computer vision:
Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Maintenance :
Taïwan Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Production Taïwan :
Kun-Shan University

Production Paris / behaviour software:
NewBrain media design