Corpus motion


Festival Bains numériques

international competition

Enghien-les-bains, france

Motion consists of a stage device that allows two performers to manipulate moving images. It weaves together live performances and video art by borrowing forms of writing specific to each of them.


The project is based on a captation of performances achieved by two dancers, male and female. This performances highlights the tensions inherent to the male / female ratio, that switches from a simple sensual game to the emergence of an explicit confrontation. Corpus | motion proposes a new reading of that initial moment, including both spatial and temporal dimensions. On stage, the two performers manipulate with their hands or accessories the moving images that appear to be painted directly in the space around them.


Videos, filmed in static shots, explore new territories in the visual representation of dance. They study the possible relationship between two bodies. No written choreography in the center of attention, but a physical dialogues between two bodies, sometimes individual, sometimes melt. Everyone becoming alternately the prosthesis of the other, the two performers imagine scenarios using fragments and opportunities related to the language of video: collage, symmetry and repetition. Here the dance is not necessarily something fleeting and ephemeral as it registers on the video captation, which brings its own language. The possible deformations of the body are increased by the film image. This allows to define a new presence of the bodies, reconstruct the temporality and reveal to the public details of body movement which are almost not noticeable.


A set of technical and digital developments have been created to allow a real-time stage writing . The performers, using accessory detected through infrared technology, are directly involved in the dissemination of media in the performance space. Each type of accessory induces a rhetorical gesture, which defines a typology to write images inside space. The performers explore the possibilities of an almost invisible choreographic language, which dissects up, search, reveals or hides the reality of the cinematographic body.

Responsable projet :
Patrice Mugnier

Equipe ITR :
Amaury Arboun, Camille Baudelaire, Kuei Yu Ho, Raphaël Isdant

Danseurs :
Audrey Roehrich, Fabio Arago

Performeurs :
Audrey Roehrich, Anthony Couroyer

Chefs opérateurs :
David Citborsky, Eva Husson

Cadreur :
Christophe Pornay

Suivi de projet :
Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Production :

Producteur exécutif :
NewBrain media design

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