Lab e-magiciens
Exhibition curating

25.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Festival e-magiciens

Phénix theater

Valenciennes, France

Today, the convergence of screens poses a question whose consequences bring two movements taking place in parallel:


– on one hand, the extreme diversification of typologies of screens in our environment, that now integrates since mobile phone screen to high-definition projector or e-paper reader. The industrial Research massively directs his efforts towards solutions extremely diverse in terms of technological support.


– on the other hand, the unification of communication protocols, to get to the abandonment of the analogue diffusion to the benefit of digital broadcasting. In this perspective, the screen becomes not a simple visualization support in the traditional sense we were used to, but a ​​mobile and interactive surface. With the emergence of touchscreens, multitouch and the definition of cross-protocol programming (java, flash, xml …), each diffusion system exceeds the traditional typologies to become an hybrid device with real-time capabilities of creation and communication of images.


The question of convergence based on the transition to digital devices (TV, movies, computers, telephones, public display …) should be an opportunity to question the potential impact on our society of the interconnection of all these categories.


The exhibition, which integrates an industrial and scientific research approach, is the occasion to highlight an artistic-oriented questioning : How can an art concept be spread across different media support at his disposal? What are the consequences for the creation? What opportunities for interacting with the public such a device can generate?


For this occasion, the two curators, Patrice Mugnier and Pierre Hénon, has invited a set of artists whose work is likely to maintain resonance with the issues raised by the theme of convergence. These artists, from academia and European art scene, represents a panel of original practices, ranging from video to interactive art through creative coding.

festival e-magiciens 2009 / leLab

curators :
Patrice Mugnier & Pierre Hénon

scenography :
Patrice Mugnier

graphic design :
Kuei Yu Ho

Floating Point v2 / Mâa
Bump it / Bertrand Planes
Corpus A / ITR (Ensadlab)

Educational / research laboratories :
CT-Hand, Sensor Girl, Flying Girl / Fdm (Ensadlab)
Abstrakt / ENJMIN
ANR Virage
Réalité augmentée /VIDA Limsi

Museum / enterprise :
Cité des sciences
Mobidium / Blue Yeti
The ToucH2O / Sassexperience
Memory-life / Orange Vallée

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