27.02.2008 – 29.05.2008

Festival Poems 100

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Taïpei Taïwan


The festival « Poems100″, organized in 2009 by the Museum Of Contemporary Art (Taïpei / Taïwan) was an opportunity to showcase the work of 100 contemporary poets working with traditionnal chinese characters. For this occasion, the museum asked ActiveCreativeDesign to consider the production of an interactive installation, which will help people to discover poetry with the help of new technologies. The response of ACD, Terzetto 1& 2, is a double installation which both parties interact within the same space.


Terzetto No.1 is inspired by French poet Raymond Queneau’s One Hundred Million Poems. It is an interactive installation which refers to the city, as well as to time and to poetry . On the wall, an urban landscape is cut into 16 vertical slices. Visitors can switch from one image of the city to the other within a lapse of time of twenty-four hours by walking on the interactive carpet. When the visitor stands still for a moment, the landscape unify itself around a precise time of the day, and then a poem associated with this particular moment appears.


Terzetto No.2 is a tactile interactive installation in which the visitors can reunite some floating Chinese words into a poem. On a large red vertical surface, independants characters are floating slowly. Sometime, a projection of a hand appears on the wall, like an invitation for the interaction. After touching the with his physical hand the virtual projected hand on the wall, the spectator can see the influence of his gesture: drifting characters move to their original place in the poem, making it readable for the spectator.


For the sound design of this installation, Active Creative Design has worked with French artist Raphaël ISDANT. The two installations use the surrounding sound ambiance on the same basis as they are next to each other. However, each installation has its own interactive independent sound design, in Terzetto No.1 the bamboo music and in Terzetto No.2 the poets’ voices.

Artists :

sound design :
Raphaël Isdant

Electronic :
interface Z, Paris

material :
screens, projectors, sensors, computers

dimensions :
600 cm X 1200cm X 350cm

production :
MOCA Taïpei

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