Heart Beats Lights
Public Art

01.12.2012 – 01.12.2017

Permanent exhibition

Pier 2 Art center

Kaohsiung Taïwan

Heart Beats Lights depicts the confrontation between the innermost dimension of the human being, its most primitive pulse, the beating of his heart, with the external, social and collective dimension of the urban space.


From a formal point of view, the device HeartBeats Lights has a design, which registered as a sign of great simplicity in the landscape. Thin extremely high, it stands along a 8 meters easily identifiable verticale. Made of metal, a material that endows a strong presence despite its thinness, the sculpture uses and diverts manufacturing modes from street furniture.


At its base, the interaction device makes the sculpture a manipulable object in relation to the public, introducing a practice which must remains easily understandable. The form, as simple and pure it may be, must lead the user to approach, then perform the gesture of putting a finger of his hand as naturally as possible. Using a similar mode of interaction than biometrics devices, Heart Beats Lights must exceed this reference to devote himself to a poetic and non-functional approach, essentially by dramatizing gesture of the user.

The black mast is slightly flattened on both sides to support a double set of lights that totally change its appearance at night. Two frames of 20 X 325 monochrome LED lights form surfaces whose curvature increases their impact on the landscape : Their elongated shapes and three-dimensional surfaces detach them from the notion of screen in favor of the idea of a lively light sculpture. They stage the interaction to a wide scale of visualization.


An interactive device has a particular mode of scenarization, which differentiates it as much from a single sculpture as from a narrative storytelling. The device operates in different forms, diurnal and nocturnal which result in different states.


More informations :

Artists :
(Kuei Yu Ho & Patrice Mugnier)

Sound design :
Raphaël Isdant

Medium :
metal, leds, speakers, computers, heart beat sensors

Production :
Kaohsiung, Taïwan