XIE XIE packaging
Brand design


Graphic design

XIE XIE international

Taïpei, Taïwan

XIE XIE packaging comes from a command to Active Creative Design by the international brand of tea XIE XIE. It focuses on the creation of their new range of tea, from concept to the declination in different products, and shows the desire to offer an innovative identity in an environment saturated by many brands.


The concept combines a high-quality product (a natural tea picked by hand in the high mountains of Taiwan) and a universe, that of books and libraries, enhancing the feeling of culture, intimacy and well being. This universe also allows to set up different times of the day that will be associated with the product range of teas. Thus, the object design is based on the specific codes of book design: cover, 4th cover, opening with a form of binding. Exploring the packaging gives the feeling of reading a story, while its library shelves presentation distinguishes it from traditional food ..


For the book kacket, Active Creative Design worked on the combination of a landscape picture evoking á each iteration a human feeling and the radiance which projected a natural pigment has set a color value. A color also present on the spine of the book in order to affirm the polychromatic game of all the variations.


The packaging project won a RED DOT award (packaging design section) in 2014.

Designers :
Active Creative Design

Client :
XIE XIE international