CD The Active Creative Design studio, grouping artists, architects and designers, was set up in 2008 by researchers from ENSAD’s Real Time Image programme. Taking as its starting point integration of digital technology in exhibition set designing, ACD has since expanded its methods to a wide variety of modes of expression.

For the studio’s protagonists, the idea of an “active” design component is essential. This concept creates a new relationship between creation and the public, in which creation is considered as a dynamic process only fully achieved through an application and a time dimension. This relationship results in a permanent project dialogue with the poetic dimension of time and space.

The studio is active in 4 fields of contemporary creation:

- Set designing, in particular as part of collaborations with museums (Musée de la Villette in Paris, Museum Of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Dadong Art Center in Kaohsiung)
- Scenic arrangements, through participation in festivals (Sonic Visions, Poems 100, Shanghai’s Universal Exhibition),
- Public and urban art, as part of international competitions (Taipei airport, Pier 2 Art center, Taipei underground).
- Design relating to the identity of international brands (SERCEL, XIE XIE).

The growth of its activity resulted in Active Creative Design moving to Paris in 2013. This structure now ensures comprehensive management of the production of all the studio’s creations.

uei Yu HO
With a designer’s and artist’s background, a BA in Interior Design from Taiwan and a DNSEP (National Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Arts) from France, Kuei Yu Ho is a visual artist engaged in a minimalist search for modes of expression.

Following a partnership with Chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design CO. in Taiwan, Kuei Yu Ho then oriented her art towards design and set designing projects, particularly within ENSAD’s Real Time Image research programme. Her creative work is characterised by the interdisciplinarity and combination of media used: light, graphic artwork, object design and work on space all hail from the same expression.

Her background in design, and in-depth knowledge of both Asian and European cultures have led Kuei Yu Ho to write for many cultural reviews, examples of which are Arch Luxury and Design. In 2011, she started to manage for the Taiwan Design Center a workshop dedicated to creation in France. She is also the author of 3 books, including “Design interactif” (“Interactive Design”), in partnership with Patrice Mugnier.

For Active Creative Design, Kuei Yu Ho is charged with the visual identity and artistic management of projects.

atrice MUGNIER
An architectural and ENSAD graduate, Patrice Mugnier has developed a practice of digital imaging combined with creations in the field of exhibition set designing. After working as assistant exhibition commissioner for the Georges Pompidou centre (La ville exhibition, Pierre Chareau exhibition), he became a director in the motion design field (France 3, MTV, Al Jazeera Children visuals) before expanding his skills to real time technologies through the implementation of performances and setups.

In 2007, he founded the Real Time Image programme at ENSAD, in partnership with Pierre Hénon, allowing him to experiment on new media creation and broadcasting material. The idea behind the Active Creative Design studio was the result of this research and of the encounters it gave rise to

Today, Patrice Mugnier is project manager and multimedia director in the studio.

Raphaël Isdant

Teacher at the ENSBA and specialist in real time sound design and acoustic spatialisation, Raphaël Isdant has cooperated in a number of the studio’s projects. His work based on generative coding and sampling has allowed installations to create a permanent dialogue between visual and acoustic spaces.

Emmanuel “Mâa” Berriet

A programmer with sound experience in the creative coding field, Emmanuel Maa Berriet has led a career on both sides of the Atlantic. Specialising in image real time processing and multi-screen broadcasting systems, he has contributed to a number of the studio’s productions.